Providing Your Own Items

The following terms are for customers providing their own garments. If you're not providing your own garments, these terms DO NOT apply to you.

•  All orders will be subject to a 10% misprint rate. Printing is a tedious process, and mistakes can happen. Please provide the necessary 10% extra of whatever you bring in to ensure you full order is delivered.

• We are not liable for any damages done to your product.

• Garments must be 100% brand new meaning unwashed and unused. Any prior use of the garment can sabotage the canvas and therefore the print will be subject to washing/peeling off.

• It is your responsibility to fully inspect your garments before bringing them in. We are not liable for any pieces that are missing or damages in the products including but not up to  holes, cuts, stains, and discolorations of the garments, etc.

•  We reserve the right to reject any product you wish to bring in.